The Fifth Conference

“The Fifth Conference puts the spotlight on our future. Think ten, twenty, even fifty years ahead and try to imagine how we will live and work. What will this world look like? How will we have solved the economic, social and environmental challenges that we confront today?

The Fifth Conference creates a forum for the visionaries; the individuals who have the expertise, insight and vision to formulate good answers to those questions.

In each edition a single issue is being tackled, a ‘big issue’, a factor that drives our future. We interview numerous experts, policy makers and entrepreneurs. We collect opinion pieces. We analyse the facts, the forecasts and the arguments. The result is published, in print, as a collectable.”

Not only a nice idea for print, but also in real life. Someone watched Panorama last night on TED? That’s what we need : inspiring, confronting, challenging, emotional, artistical, controversial talks. Anyone?